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2016 Women in Global Health Research Symposium

Our second annual women in global health research symposium was a two day conference that focused on how to overcome barriers specific to women researchers in resource-limited settings and how to ensure the health and safety of female global health researchers everywhere. We explored innovative ways to ensure women’s equal opportunities for leadership in global health, as we are striving to achieve our ultimate goal of reducing inequality and improving the lives of women globally. The symposium Opening Remarks were done by Dr. Mary Charlson, Chief, Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluative Sciences Research Executive Director, Center for Integrative Medicine

  • Mother, Wife, Scientist – Life experiences and a science career against all odds

  • Challenges faced and lessons learned by women from low and middle income countries

  • Balancing Career and Personal Life

  • Mentorship

  • Gender bias and its effect on the actualization of women in society

  • Being a Mentor

  • Self-Defense Course

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