Female Global Scholars

2018 - 2020

Dadirai Fundira (headshot).jpg

I am interested in implementation science research, particularly designing, implementation and evaluation of behavior change communication strategies.

Dadirai Fundira


Tracy Grossman (headshot).jpg

Tracy Grossman, MD, MSc


I am interested in studying and implementing solutions to decrease maternal morbidity and adverse pregnancy outcomes in low-resource settings both abroad and in the United States. I am also interested in neurologic and psychiatric disorders in pregnancy and how these disorders interplay with fetal development and birth outcomes.

Genevieve Hilaire (headshot).jpg

I am interested in optimizing prevention and treatment for sexually transmitted infections for vulnerable populations in Haiti. Based on this research, I hope to work with existing networks and the Haitian government to expand optimized treatment throughout the country, particularly to rural, hard to reach areas in Haiti where healthcare is not readily available and resources are scarce.

Geneviéve Hilaire, MD


Agnes Kiragga (headshot).jpg

Agnes Kiragga, PhD


I am interested in establishing and improving maternal and infant outcomes among HIV infected women who initiate life-long ART during pregnancy. Additionally, improving male involvement in reproductive health programs in order to reduce HIV risk and increase PrEp uptake.

I am interested in women's health and infectious disease. I have previously worked in maternal/child health and HIV community health worker programs and am currently researching schistosomiasis and HIV co-infection in women.

Ana Mishra


Ana (Pallavi) Mishra (headshot).jpg

My research focus and interest has been tuberculosis and HIV research. My current research work is on clinical diagnosis and empiric TB treatment among HIV co-infected presumptive TB patients with negative GeneXpert and/or sputum smear tests, specifically looking at the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and patients’ outcomes.

Lydia Nakiyingi, MBChB


Lydia Nakiyingi (headshot).jpg

Irene Njuguna, MBChB, MSc


My research interest focuses on the pediatric and adolescent HIV care cascade including testing, treatment and viral suppression. 

Irene Njuguna (headshot).jpg

Priyanka Amit Raichur, MBBS


I have been working as a clinician on observational and interventional studies on adult and Pediatric HIV and TB trials. Currently I am looking to explore the gender differences in ART initiation among HIV positive adults seeking care at a public ART centre in Pune, India.

Priyanka Amit Raichur (headshot).jpg

My research passion is in cardiovascular and more specifically preventative medicine. I am interested in increasing the representation of patients from India in this field of research so that we can create and implement preventative and treatment plans more suited to individual patients.

Shobana Ramasamy (headshot).jpg

Shobana Ramasamy


Mwanaisha Seugendo, MD


I have conducted research in the following areas: malaria, schistosomiasis, HIV and clostridium difficile infection. I am currently interested in conducting research in the field of nephrology.

Mwanaisha Seugendo (headshot).jpg

Sandy Nerette, MD


I am interested in research focusing on TB prevention and women's health. I have implemented HIV/TB clinical therapeutic research studies and studies related to HIV/TB medication adherence. Additionally, I have conducted research on cervical cancer prevention.

Sonal Mehta, USA


My research interest has been focused on geriatric palliative care and educational interventions. I have completed a chart review exploring the role of opioids use in older adults admitted to the hospital with a fracture diagnosis. I have also worked on implementing and evaluating a communication skills workshop for medical residents. I am hoping to conduct a geriatric education needs assessment of interdiscplinary health care providers working at the Janaseva Foundation/NGO and explore ways of implementing a geriatric curriculum.

2019 - 2021

Melina Mgongo, MPH


Beatrice John, MSc


My current interest is promoting proper maternal and child nutrition, specifically focusing on exclusive breastfeeding practices. I would like to focus on developing a model that improves exclusive breastfeeding practices and that can be adopted. Additionally, I would like to explore ways to strengthen links between health facilities and communities to improve optimal breastfeeding practices.

I am passionate about maternal and child health, non-communicable disease and nutrition, adolescent health, and the field of biostatistics. Currently I have been conducting research related to adolescent menstrual health management at secondary schools in the Kilimanjaro region. Recent studies have shown that poor menstrual health management had adverse outcomes such as school attendance and performance. Additionally, poor menstrual health management had negative effects on psychosocial and physical health. I have been involved in an intervention focusing on community sensitization to create a demand for contraceptive use among women of reproductive afe. 

Puja Chebrolu, MD


I am interested in understanding the phenomenon of diabetes in patients who are not overweight and do not have other traditional risk factors. Currently, I am working on a project on cardiovascular disease in HIV positive pregnant women with gestational diabetes in Pune, India.

Thao-Vy Vuong


I am interested in exploring the relationship between food environment and diet quality through a comparison of this relationship among three populations of adults living along the rural-periurban-urban transect in Vietnam. Specifically, food environments of the three areas will be assessed by two domains: external food environment and personal food environment. The diet quality of the three populations will be measured to show the association between food environment and diet quality.

Flora Chacha, MD


Doreen Nabukalu, MPH


I am interested in exploring the causes of mortality in premature infants and interventions to prevent and reduce this mortality.

My research interest is in the field of implementation science, specifically focused on implementing efficacious interventions within low resource setting, where socio-cultural and structural factors strongly influence intervention success. I am interested in exploring a project that delivers malaria prophylaxis to pregnant women in rural Uganda through implementation of a community-health worker program

Gauri Dhumal, PhD, MSc


I am interested in exploring acute febrile illness, maternal and child health issues related to maternal addiction, and health and social issues faced by women due to HIV infection. Currently I have been conducting research assessing policies regarding tuberculosis and how these policies could be strengthened.

Julie Reust, MS, MLS (ASCP)

USA, Haiti

I am interested in infectious diseases research. A recent study reported statistically significant decreases in IL-15 levels in cervicovaginal lavage fluid samples of women with Schistosoma haematobium. As this cytokine is a marker of immune exhaustion, I would like to test IL-15 levels in multiple sample types to see if this change in IL-15 levels in site-specific. Significant findings in this project could lead to more focused studies and therapeutics for women and men affected by both Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium.

Hellen Munaku, MD, MMed


I am interested in conducting research focused on benign hematological diseases, like Sickle Cell. I hope to explore a project that focuses on training parent/guardians of children with Sickle Cell Disease about home prevention and management.

Claudia Thomas Riche, MSN


Since co-founding NECH-CIEH, a Nursing Education Collaborative for Haiti, I have been interested in optimizing leadership and research in the nursing field. I am interested in examining the challenges that women face in becoming leaders and the skills that are needed to promote success.