Female Global Scholars

The first cohort of Female Global Scholars reflects the diversity we seek to celebrate! As ten incredible women from seven different countries with distinct academic backgrounds and research interests, they are each able to uniquely support, educate, and learn from one another.

Our vision for the program is built upon the following three fundamental pillars, which we believe to be integral to a successful career in global health research:


Peer Mentorship, Leadership, and Scientific Advancement

Peer Mentorship

The lack of female role models and mentors in global health research has been shown to be a critical element contributing to the attrition of young women from this field. To address this issue on a larger scale, we provide both mentorship as well as training to become successful mentors.


Our curriculum features a number of sessions dedicated to developing the leadership skills unique to global health research. The purpose is to empower young women to recognize their value as community leaders and advocates, particularly when stepping into roles traditionally occupied by men.

Scientific Advancement

Our core vision is to promote the scientific advancement of female global health researchers. We aim to augment their research through a series of workshops that will cover what we consider to be fundamental skills required for a successful career in academic global health.

Meet our Scholars!

Geneviéve Hilaire, M.D., a Female Global Scholar, is a clinician and research physician in the Sexually Transmitted Infections clinic in Haiti. Her career goals include becoming a clinical researcher with a specialty in STI prevention and treatment for vulnerable populations in Haiti.

Glory Joseph, M.D., a Female Global Health Scholar, has completed education and training in Russia, India, and Tanzania. She currently works in Tanzania as a cardiologist and is interested in conducting public health research in Tanzania that will aid in health care sector growth.